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It’s a History Mystery in Tama County July 15 – September 27

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IVRC&D mystery
Iowa has a lot of famous and interesting people who got their start in small rural towns before making it big. But a lot of the people of the past don’t come up in regular café conversation and aren’t mentioned in our school textbooks – a real shame considering how unique and fascinating their lives were.

This summer, for ten weeks, Iowa Valley RC&D invites you to participate in the Tama Town Mystery for a chance to learn about one fascinating person from the past who shouldn’t be forgotten.

The Tama Town Mystery takes place along the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway and will have participants traveling to the four Tama County towns of Montour, Tama, Toledo and Chelsea. There are ten clues to find, each one posted at a different town business. The mystery is solved when the person can be identified.

Event organizer and Iowa Valley Scenic Byway Coordinator Dora Bopp says the clues aren’t too easy. “With the internet just a smart phone away we were careful to craft each clue so that alone it wouldn’t be enough information, but together the set of ten clues make it possible to solve.” Although, she adds, “some very good detectives may be able to solve the mystery in only a few clues. We’ll see.”

Participants who solve the mystery can submit their answer and contact information for a chance to win one of three $50 cash prizes and an overnight murder mystery package at Chelsea’s Periwinkle Place Manor.

Bopp says that the mystery alone is worth the driving and sleuthing, but a benefit is also getting a chance to explore four small Iowa towns, the scenic byway, and a summer Iowa landscape.

What you need to know to get started:

Tama Town Mystery Clue Locations:

Rube’s Meat Shop – 200 Elm St., Montour

Shoestring Garden – 205 Business Hwy 30, Toledo

Fuzz’s Sports Pub – 201 W. High St., Toledo

Butter Cow Ice Cream – 105 Hwy 30, Toledo

Meskwaki Travel Plaza – 1494 Hwy 30, Tama

Fleur de lis – 127 W. 3rd St., Tama

King Tower Café – 1701 E. 5th St., Tama

John Ernest Vineyard & Winery – 3291 N Ave., Tama

Silver Dollar Bar & Grill – 705 Station St., Chelsea

Artique Boutique – 508 Station St., Chelsea

Each clue gives one detail about this famous person. You can read the clues in any order. There is no purchase necessary to participate. Only one entry per person. Once the mystery has been solved, answers and contact information can be emailed to Iowa Valley Scenic Byway Coordinator Dora Bopp at dora@ivrcd.org by Sun. Sept. 27th to be entered into the drawing. Four winners will be selected on Sept. 28th for three $50 cash prizes and an overnight murder mystery package for two at Periwinkle Place Manor. The murder mystery package for two includes a four-course meal, murder mystery, after party with music, overnight stay and breakfast.

Funds were provided by participating Tama County businesses and the Tama County Community Foundation. For additional information visit www.ivrcd.org or contact Dora Bopp at dora@ivrcd.org or 319.622.3264.

Please share with your family, friends and post on Facebook!

For more information about how to get started on the Tama Town Mystery visit Iowa Valley RC&D’s website www.ivrcd.org.

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